The Climaveneta refrigeration units, a brand of Mitsubishi Electric, elevate the quality of the wines of the well-known winery “Ktima Arvanitidis”

In a beautiful semi-mountainous area of Central Macedonia, in the small and quiet village of Askos and at an altitude of 500 meters, the Arvanitidis family decided to create a modern vineyard. Everything speaks for the excellent quality of the wines: The clay soils, the continental climate, the orientation of the vineyard, the wind, the experience of the producer owners and of course the use of the latest technology equipment such as the Climaveneta NX 0152 P/K refrigeration unit, a brand of Mitsubishi Electric.

As in any winery, so in Arvanitidis Estate, the most critical energy system is related to the temperature control of the wine in the various phases of fermentation and stabilization. The technologically leading equipment that was installed and meets the necessary conditions provides the following features:

• Possibility of producing a water-glycol mixture: up to -10°C.

• Expanded operating limits:
operation at an ambient temperature from -20 °C to +46 °C (possibility of operation also in winter)

• High efficiency:
at full load     EER 2.79
at part load   ESEER 4.19
thus maximum energy savings

• Low noise level: 51db (A) at 10m distance

• Easy to adapt to the installation: The unit included a built-in chiller which simplified the necessary plumbing.

As in the “Arvanitidis Estate”, so for every winery, small or large, the Climaveneta complexes, a Mitsubishi Electric brand, are the best guarantee as they are characterized by high reliability, top energy efficiency, and full control of the wine production process, and are the first choice whether they are replacing older equipment or expanding their operations.