Identity of the Data Controller

“DELTA TECHNIKI, ANONYMI, KATASKEUASTIKI, VIOMICHANIKI, EMPORIKI, TOURISTIKI ETAIREIA” or “Delta Techniki S.A.” or “the Company”, seated on 51 Leoforos Poseidonos, 18344, Moschato, controls personal data, exclusively for the agreed and communicated purposes.

 Purposes for Data processing

Delta Techiniki S.A. processes personal data solely in compliance with the applicable legislation [“Regulation (EU) 679/2016 of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR)” and all relevant European and local legislation, as in effect in regards to the data processing of a natural person and privacy], towards the consistent compliance with its legal requirements and the fulfillment of its legal obligations relating to its agreements, protecting its legal interests and moving forward with any action according to your consent. More specifically, Delta Techniki S.A. processes personal data which are necessary for exercising of its rights and obligations as employer, or counterparty in every form of cooperation or agreement, to fulfil its tax, insurance, customs obligations, or any other obligation towards local, national, European and international Authorities and regulators, as well as towards its investors. In addition, it processes personal data to oversight and secure compliance with legislation and internal regulations, to protect the access to its premises, to maintain and improve the relationship with investors, to advertise the company’s activities, to manage legal issues and protect its legal rights in general.

Personal Data which are subject to processing

Personal Data, which are subject to processing, are related to customers and suppliers of the Company (natural or legal entities), related or third-parties or legal entities, subcontractors, investors, visitors, as well as those who have submitted an application for employment and the Company’s employees. The data are:

  • Communication data such as name and surname, profession, employer, employment address, e-mail and telephone number,
  • Identification data for secure entrance and movement with the Company’s premises, such as identification number / passport / residence permit, driver’s license number / vehicle’s plate numbers.
  • Photos – Videotaped material from security cameras in the Company’s premises,
  • Photos – Videotaped material from the Company’s events in which the aforementioned persons may participate,
  • Information regarding the server or device which may be used to access the Company’s website,
  • Payment details, delivery and invoicing details, VAT and Tax office,
  • Documents required for third-party work within the Company’s premises
  • In regards to the Company’s employees and the Company’s job applicants:
    • Name and surname, home address, email, telephone number and related documents for verification of the aforementioned information,
    • Date of birth, marital/family status, nationality,
    • Details in regards to social security status (including Social Security Number),
    • Work experience and academic qualifications,
    • Any other information provided to the Company through documents submitted by the Employees and job applicants.

More specifically for the operation of its website, the Company uses cookies as follows:


The Company does not allow comments from visitors of the website; therefore, it does not collect data such as IP address of the visitor or the string of the user of the browser to assist in tracking of unwanted messages.


In the case of pictures uploaded to the Company’s website, the use of pictures with embedded site data should be avoided (EXIF GPS). The visitors of the website can download and extract any site data from pictures on the website.

Communication forms

When the user submits the Company’s communication forms, the Company collects the data which the user provides, asking each time the user’s consent for the said data in regards to the purpose provided.


The Company uses cookies on its website for the management of connection time, for the offering of personalized websites and the adaptation of the advertised and other material to your interests. The cookies are small information pieces in text format, which are stored on your browser of the user when the user visits a website. That information which are stored to the user’s device can contain information such as what are the pages visited by the user, the date and time of the visit as well as a random and unique identification number of the user. With this operation, the website is in position to store useful information for the user’s browsing, as well as to transmit that information in order to offer the user a unified browsing experience. If the user leaves a message on our website, the user can choose to store name, email, and its website in cookies. The aforementioned are performed for the user’s convenience, so there is no need to complete each time their information when leaving another message. The said cookies will expire in one (1) year. The cookies can be used for anonymous statistics which allow us to comprehend how the users use our website and assist in improving its structure and it content. We cannot determine the user’s identity from that information. The user has the ability to modify the settings of the browser to deny some or all the cookies, except from the absolutely necessary. However, the users must know that some the websites functions are available only through the use of cookies and if they choose to deny cookies, those functions may not be available.

Embedded content from other websites

The articles on this website may include embedded content (e.g. videos, pictures, articles e.t.c.). The embedded content from other websites performs in the same manner as if the visitor would have used the source website. Those websites may collect user data, use cookies, include additional third-party monitoring and observe the interaction of the user with the content, including the interaction with the said content, if the user has an account and connects to the said website.

Responsible for the Data Processing

The data processing is limited to the absolutely necessary and performed by Delta Techniki S.A., as well as partnered third parties and subcontractors, in order to successfully fulfil the agreed purposes. Delta Techniki S.A. does not sell personal data to anybody. Personal data are provided to third parties when and if necessary for the provision of the required services and products and the performance of the agreed cooperation, or is imposed to our Company by public authorities in the context of our legal obligations. In this context, the personal data can be sent to third-parties and subcontractors, including those who maintain locations within the European Union as well as other countries. Finally, it is noted that cloud services can be used in the European Union.

Protection of Personal Data

The Company constantly receives the necessary measures for the protection of personal data at each phase or location of processing.

Our Company, as well as our employers, our subcontractors, our third-party partners, receive the necessary organizational and technical measures to secure the protection of personal information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, loss or modification, according to the legislation in effect. In each case, the processing of personal data is executed only be persons or units to which the relevant work has been assigned, and if the said processing entails the respective processing of personal data, and always in compliance with the legislation in effect.

Retention of Personal data

In order to satisfy the aforementioned purposes for the protection of Personal Data, we will retain your personal information for a period, which is necessary in accordance with the agreed purpose. However, it is possible to retain the said data for a longer period, if required by the law or in compliance with the Company’s legitimate interests until the moment those interests are no longer active.

Automated process of decision making and profile creation

No automated process of decision making or profile creation takes place, based on your personal data.

Rights of Subjects to Personal Data

According to the legislation on your personal data, you have the right:

  • To obtain assurance by the Company in regards to the use of your personal data,
  • To access your data,
  • To correct or delete your data,
  • To receive a copy of your personal data and to transmit those data to a receiver of your own choice (right to transmit your data),
  • To limit the processing of your data,
  • To object the processing of your data,
  • To revoke your consent of use of some or all the cookies and therefore your data processing.

For every request and to exercise your right, in regards to your personal data, you can communicate with the responsible for compliance issues of the Company to the email:, or by telephone to: 2109400720 (extension 133).

In the case, after communication with the Company, you still consider that your data processing violates the legislation in effect, in regards to the protection of personal data, you can address the supervising authority. The “supervising authority” is defined and operates as the “Hellenic Data Protection Authority”. For the responsibilities of this Authority, you can visit the website:  and the way to file any complaint:

Statement Updates

In our effort to improve the protection of your data, your comprehensive and clear communication in regards to the processing of your data and the compliance with the European and Local legislation, this Personal Data Privacy Policy is subject to changes and updates.

Disclaimer: This is a translation of the original Greek document and in case of a discrepancy the Greek original will prevail.