Experience is the best proof

We take responsibility for the entire construction of small or large scale specialized projects
and we deliver them to the investor (turn key).

Development – Licensing

The implementation of a project based on the “TURN KEY” theory includes its entire life cycle, starting from its development and licensing. Our company, based on its long-term experience in the market of industrial units and renewable energy sources in Greece, offers:

  • Consulting support for the development of new projects “from scratch”.
  • Management of project licensing, optimally avoiding and/or dealing with potential problems.

The most important advantages of Delta Techniki are its irreplaceable reliability and deep knowledge of the market, able to establish solid cooperation relationships with interested investors, Greek or foreign.
In addition, our company is able to help investigate and secure financing of investment projects, through banking organizations, which maintains long-term cooperative relationships.

Study – Design

The highly qualified scientific staff of our company, consisting of university-educated mechanical engineers and electricians, provides the possibility of preparing excellent technical and economic studies for projects.
From the initial study to the final detailed construction design, our company, thanks to accumulated experience from the projects completed so far, provides top quality services.
Especially when it comes to the energy saving studies of buildings or the energy production of RES projects, Delta Techniki uses specialized worldwide software and highly reliable meteorological data.


The biggest advantage of the “Turn Key” logic is that the entire responsibility for the implementation of the projects is assumed by a single contractor. In this way, the investor has a single reliable partner with full knowledge of the project.
The “Turn-Key” implementation includes in detail:

  • Selection and supply of quality equipment
  • Construction of the entire project with quality certification ISO 9001:2008
  • Oversee, coordinate and adhere to timelines for timely implementation
  • Commissioning

Delta Techniki has significant advantages over the competition in the implementation of “turnkey” projects:

  • Is a serious partner that will support you in every problem
  • Is an experienced project builder with an excellent reputation and a 34-year presence in the market
  • Is a responsible company with an emphasis on quality, which guarantees flawless operation and durability over time for your investment.
  • Maintains competitive and responsible pricing.


Delta Techniki provides long-term support services for the operation of the construction projects.
Specifically :

  • Provides a guarantee of good operation and energy efficiency for the entire project
  • Undertakes support and maintenance with annual contracts
  • Provides daily tele-monitoring services
  • Offers periodic operation and energy efficiency reports.

With the above services, our company fully covers the needs of project support, so that the investor and the financing bank can be sure of uninterrupted and trouble-free operation.


The non-negotiable priority of our company, in the whole range of services offers, quality. The quality of education of staff, in the level of cooperation with customers, in the selection of materials / equipment for the projects it implements and of course quality in their construction.

Delta Techniki Group’s commitment to quality is known throughout the market, investors and competitors alike.
Proof of this commitment to quality is the certification of Delta Techniki according to the ISO 9001:2015 assurance standard.

The Company has been applying the standard since 2008 with complete success, having fully assimilated principles and procedures.