Group DELTA TECHNIKI – Strong & Reliable

Everything derives from our Values. They are reflected in our actions, in our words.
These exact values were in the spirit of our company’s founders and continue today to inspire all our Employees.

Chairman’s message

History proves that the success of a business venture is not guaranteed, even if the main idea is special and unique. It depends on several factors. Neither the correct theoretical study is enough because it requires the implementation of effective everyday practices, skilled manpower, responsibility and expertise.

We, all the personnel of Delta Techniki Group since the establishment of the company in 1980, gave attention to all lifecycle factors for the success of any project undertaken. From the initial concept, the study & design (my experience starts in 1970), the selection of equipment, the implementation down to last detail and all this with constant respect for the customer’s particular requirements.

Our belief in the value of technologies related to Renewable Energy Sources for energy saving, generation and environmental protection has helped us from the beginning to draw a successful and steady upward path in the market.

We were the first company in the market which has implemented innovative, especially for Greece, applications for Heat Pumps and Biomass.

Then we studied and constructed a series of small hydroelectric plants, cogeneration power plants with biomass, photovoltaic systems and geothermal applications.

At the same time, we preserve unaltered our basic principles which have helped us so far to ensure successful investments (small or large) for our customers.

Our vision is difficult to write down in a short text. This is another reason to support our vision with actions through our active presence in the market.

Anastasios Deligiorgis
Chairman of the Board of Delta Techniki Group of Companies

Corporate Presentation

Considering the vast changes in the energy sector, Delta Techniki has been participating in an active and competitive way in the realization of the national goals for the development of renewable energy sources. Delta Techniki applied with diligence its many years of experience, for the study and construction of complex RES projects and energy saving systems and has earned the acceptance of energy investors, clients and professional partners due to the superior technological, innovative and reliable implementation. In the following file, the history, experience, philosophy and prospects of the Company are shown in a concise way.

Corporate presentation to PDF

Introduction – History

Delta Techniki has successful presence since 1980, collects technical experience and reliability, credentials which make the company stand out and today is a company with excellent reputation in the Greek and European market. It possesses and provides all the necessary infrastructure and workforce for successful development of projects relating to renewable energy sources (RES), energy saving (ES) in the building sector and development of touristic investments.

With headquarters in a fully equipped private office building in Athens, the company maintains over 25 full-time employees, many of them having high-level education and longtime experience: mechanical and electrical engineers, architects, project managers.

The historical development of the Company is summarized as follows:

1981 – 1988  Establishment of Delta Techniki Ltd. Main activities in the field of design, marketing, trading and supply of equipment for air conditioning applications with the innovative, at that time,  technology of heat pumps.

1988 – 2000 Supply and installation of industrial equipment in factories. Beginning of EPC activity for construction of complete factories with the “turn key” concept. Construction of electromechanical equipment for food processing industries and agricultural products.

2000 – 2003 Expansion of EPC “turn key” activities also in other areas of industry and power stations. Innovative manufacturing of specialized equipment for power stations of Renewable Energy Sources (biomass boilers, hydro turbines).

2005 – 2013  Continuous activity as EPC contractor in construction projects in industrial units and power stations of RES. Gradual development of a proprietary portfolio of renewable energy projects by the Group’s subsidiaries.

2017 Issuance of a “green” bond of €6.5 mil. by Delta Techniki group of companies, traded on the Alternative Market (EN.A.) of Athex.

2019 Extension of the agreement with Mitsubishi Electric Europe and strengthening of partnerships in the field of air conditioning & energy saving in the building sector, by offering products and services in the HVAC segment.

2020  Adoption of Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT) and Design-Transfer-Build (DTB) models for the most efficient services in the construction of products and the enhancement of the Company’s competitiveness.


The workforce of Delta Techniki group of companies is selected based on strict criteria in order to provide specialized services in multiple sectors. Our people are the driving force behind our continued growth. We promote their professional progress with continuous training in order to develop and utilize their personal and collective abilities.

Our philosophy is the unity, the nurturing of business values, the social responsibility and the realization of our vision in a safe working environment.

 Job opportunities

If you would like to join the human resources of Delta Techniki, please send us your Curriculum Vitae to

All resumes will be accompanied by a copy of the degree and will be treated confidentially.

Eligible Jobs:

  • Electrical Engineers – RES Projects – Electrical Networks RES
  • Site engineers at RE Projects
  • Financial Services Consultant