Experience is the best proof

Our company undertakes large-scale (MW) wind farm construction projects as well as hydroelectric and photovoltaic projects

Wind farms

In the field of construction of large-scale (MW) wind farms, Delta Techniki is able to undertake under its responsibility the entire construction until the delivery of the project into operation:

  • execution of all final construction studies
  • earthworks and construction works
  • selection and procurement of equipment and materials
  • execution of electromechanical works
  • interconnection with the IPTO network
  • Commissioning
  • cooperation with the supplier of the wind turbines
  • cooperation with the investor’s financing bank

The experience from the execution of these kind of projects in Greece has proven that a reliable and committed to quality contractor like Delta Techniki quarantee the smooth operation of the wind farm.


The executives of Delta Techniki is one of the most experienced in Greece in the construction of small hydroelectric plants. They have participated in the design and construction of six (6) projects, which have been in operation for several years, while at the same time they have prepared studies for a multitude of others.

Today, they can provide full manufacturing services:

  • execution of all final construction studies
  • earthworks and construction works
  • selection and supply of the equipment and materials, including the hydro turbine
  • execution of electromechanical works
  • interconnection with the IPTO network
  • commissioning
  • cooperation with the investor’s financing bank

Hydroelectric projects are considered in the technical community to be among the most complex and special projects, requiring expertise, practical experience and coordination of actions. Therefore, choosing a contractor with proven skills, such as Delta Techniki, is the only way forward.

Savings in Buildings

Delta Techniki Group places significant emphasis of integrated energy projects in the building sector. The unique know-how possessed by the subsidiary company of the Delta Heating – Air Conditioning Group in the No. 1 source of energy needs of buildings, the Group differentiates from the competition.

In particular, undertake:

  • assessment of energy improvement sectors
  • proposal of a specific intervention project
  • quantification of benefit
  • implementation of the project
  • measurements before and after the project
  • monitoring and guarantee of energy improvement

Energy projects include:

  • Hotel complexes
  • Housing complexes
  • Public places (theatres, entertainment centers)
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Public Buildings, Commercial Spaces, Offices
  • Wineries
  • Hospitals
  • Museums

The aim of the energy projects carried out by Delta Techniki in buildings is to save energy, which results in a drastic reduction of the operating costs of the businesses or organizations hosted in them.


Delta Techniki has successfully completed the construction of a large number of photovoltaic plants (over 150), under full responsibility contracts (EPC) and their “turnkey” delivery.

Especially for photovoltaic systems integrated in buildings and with special requirements, the Company is currently considered one of the most specialized in Greece. Its expertise has come from its ability to adapt design and construction to the particular needs of each application, rather than simply performing standard projects, something few of its competitors are able to handle.

Biomass – Biogas

Among the pioneers of biomass utilization projects, Delta Techniki has special know-how in this field, with experience in biomass projects since 2000, studying and implementing cogeneration plants of electricity and heat of 1 to 10 MW with biomass from agricultural waste as raw material .

The Company is now focusing on the emerging biogas sector through its partnership with a leading European know-how holder and equipment manufacturer.

Greater importance is given to biogas/biomass units that are attached to existing facilities of agricultural products industries, food, livestock units, slaughterhouses, biological purifications, etc. and utilize their animal and vegetable waste. In such projects, Delta Techniki can develop the full range of its capabilities, working closely with the business owner of the existing facility.