Experience is the best proof

Delta Techniki Group has extensive experience in the field of Air Conditioning, fully undertaking the construction of such units throughout Greece,
either near the production sites or in distribution warehouses

Refrigerators – Packaging plants

Industrial refrigeration facilities cover the storage and preservation needs of fruit, vegetables, meat and other foods in excellent quality. Delta Techniki Group has extensive experience, fully undertaking the construction of such units throughout Greece, either near the production sites or in distribution warehouses (logistics).

The Company also has experience with full “controlled atmosphere” maintenance facilities. The cooling / preservation projects are often combined with packaging and standardization units of the primary production products through automated lines.

The Company is able to study and implement turnkey units of all kinds, both for private companies and agricultural cooperatives. The Company’s experience and technical knowledge in the field are unrivaled, enabling the implementation of “model” units that will utilize the rich agricultural production of the country.

Food & Wines

With excellent results, Delta Techniki also operates in the field of food, beverage and meat production and standardization. It takes full responsibility for the construction of their modern processing units, in accordance with international hygiene rules and the special requirements of each product.

The modern food industry is characterized by a high degree of automation in order to maintain its competitiveness at the same time as stable and high levels of quality. Therefore, the implementation of production lines in food and beverage facilities must be implemented by qualified contractors such as Delta Techniki.

The Group has great specialization in the field of wine – wineries, due to both the synergies and the know-how that the subsidiary Delta Heating – Air Conditioning maintains in these applications.

Modern Slaughterhouses

Delta Techniki Group has developed extensive experience in the field of study, design and construction of modern multi-line slaughterhouses. In absolute agreement with the strictest directions and regulations of the E.U. and with all the necessary equipment to increase capacity, the Company has built slaughterhouses that serve cities throughout Greece.

Slaughterhouse investments are implemented by both private and municipal companies and have a multitude of positive effects on local livestock activity.

Cotton gins

Delta Techniki Group has installed a large number of cooperative and private gins and other cotton processing units in the Greek region.

A significant part of the domestic cotton production passed through factories designed, studied, built and put into operation by the Company, a subsidiary of which had even received 3 patents for electro-mechanical ginning equipment.

Hotel Complex

Although of a completely different nature and particularities from the literal industrial projects, the development projects of modern Hotel Complex are also within the scope of the Delta Techniki Group due to their increased complexity.

These projects are not included in the construction category and cannot be executed by joint contracting companies because they combine many parameters that the contractor must manage and coordinate at the project management level.

Delta Techniki combines the experience it has already acquired in the design and techno-economic analysis of tourism projects with its experience in the management of complex building and industrial projects and succeeds in this way in being a serious proposal for underwriting on an EPC basis the implementation of such projects