Delta Techniki: Sponsor of the 5th Renewable Sources and Energy Storage 

Delta Technical Group of Companies was a sponsor in  the largest and most influential conference on Renewable Sources and Energy Storage held this year on November 2nd and 3rd in the large ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel.  110 important speakers were present and covered a large range of energy topics.

The following speakers were among those present in this conference:  Mr. Skylakakis,  Minister of Environment & Energy Theodoros,  Mr. Konstantinos Skrekas, Minister of Development, Ms Ditte Jørgensen General Director of Energy of the  European Commission,  Ms Alexandra Sdoukou Deputy Minister of Environment & Energy and  Mr. Aristotelis Aivaliotis  Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The program was rich in topics and consisted of 17 sections.

  • Terms and conditions for a sustainable and socially balanced energy transition
  • The new European architecture of the electricity market – The role of RES and storage in the proposals of Eu Commission
  • The Greek electricity market after the crisis – The emergency measures and the new normality
  • The review of the NECP (National Energy and Climate Plan)  and the new investment roadmap – The strategic planning of the Greek energy market – The “messages” of the new NECP
  • The financing of RES and storage plants, the participation in the Energy Exchange stock markets – The “green” Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) – The effects on the Energy payment account of RES producers (ΕΛΑΠΕ)
  • How many RES and what technological achievements  can our country “endure”? The role of energy storage – Cuts in power absorption and what investors should expect
  • Networks and interconnections as a key factor for the future of RES
  • Distortions and “difficulties” in the institutional, licensing and regulatory framework that prevent the smooth development of RES and Energy Storage
  • Energy Storage: Market trends after the first calls of tenders – The case of hybrid installations on the islands
  • Marine RES systems
  • The entry of foreign players, the big deals, the position and role of small local investors
  • Hydrogen, Biogas, green gases: The projects, infrastructures and time commitments
  • RES development and environmental policies – Special environmental planning – Reactions of local communities
  • Energy:  The role of RES and storage in the energy costs of the country’s waste industry and production base – Circular Economy
  • The consumer as an energy producer – Roof photovoltaics – The proposals of electricity suppliers – Smart applications, electrification in vehicles
  • Technological developments and equipment costs in photovoltaics, wind farms, energy storage
  • The developments in the RES market of the Balkan countries – Opportunities and challenges