Delta Techniki Group of Companies:  Sponsor of “ 2023 Parnassos Mountain Trail”.

Our message: “We protect the environment, we save Energy”

Delta Techniki Group of companies is sponsoring again this year’s “Parnassos Mountain Trail” race.

This race will take place on April 29th and 30th and is a half-marathon mountain race consisting of 3 legs: Parnassos Trail of 24.2 km, Parnassus Short Trail of 10.9 km and Amfiklia Trail of 6 kilometers.This race follows paths and forest roads of Parnassos Mountain, in an environment sensitive to human intervention.  It should be noted that the organizers and athletes operate in such a way as to minimize any unpleasant effects the race might create on the almost untouched natural environment. Further, another two races are also organized within the traditional town of Amfiklia:  The “Amfiklia City Trail” of 4 kilometers for adults and children over 15 years old, as well as children’s races from 9 to 14 years old.This yearly race is organized by” Dionyssos” Amfiklia’s Sports Association.Delta Techniki Group, being one of the main sponsors, proves once again its sensitivity to issues that touch human’s contact with nature and, as stated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Anastasios Deligiorgis: “Among the elements that make this type of race so special are the values ​​and messages that prove the power of human will, the ecological conscience, the preservation of natural beauty and of course, the spirit of hospitality in such a unique destination. There could not be a more suitable sponsor of this race  than our company, which,  since 1980,  has been a pioneer in all sectors of Renewable Energy setting  people in the same frame with the environment, making inspiration a real fact and at the same time maintaining solid values, vision and endless human energy » Read the announcement of the match here: