Another 3MW wind power plant project was commissioned, designed, developed, licensed and constructed by Delta Technical SA.

In particular, Delta Techniki implemented as the main contractor the civil engineering and electromechanical installations (EMP) works of the wind farm, in the area of Fthiotida. The project also included the construction of an overhead and underground interconnection network with a voltage-boosting substation to channel the “green” current into the country’s electricity transmission system.

At the same time, it has started the construction of four photovoltaic stations in Thessaly, with a power of 1.6MW, in this case also supplying the basic electromechanical equipment.

In the above projects, the Design-Transfer-Build (DTB) model was applied, which makes the most of Delta Techniki’s experience in the implementation of RES projects and limits as much as possible the operator’s uncertainties.

And in 2021, Delta Techniki continues its consistent but at the same time flexible presence in the Greek market, insisting on relationships of trust with its current & future customers and partners. At the same time, it maintains a portfolio of RES projects with a capacity of 16.36 MW in operation, as well as 65 MW of wind, photovoltaic and small hydroelectric plants to be implemented.