The execution of two new projects in the field of renewable energy sources was undertaken by DELTA TECHNIKI SA in the last few days.

These are two wind parks with a total power of 43MW which the company studied, developed and licensed.

As is well known, DELTA TECHNIKI SA with its long experience in the field of RES, studies and develops projects such as Small Hydroelectric Power Plants, Photovoltaic Plants, Wind Farms, Biomass-Biogas plants as well as Energy Saving projects in the building sector.

In recent times, the company has been focusing on leveraging its experience through the Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT) and Design-Transfer-Build (DTB) models.

Indicatively, the results of the DELTA TECHNIKI Group from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019 reflect the success of this Management’s policy, with a strong improvement in indicators compared to the year 2018, despite all the effects of the financial crisis of recent years.

Specifically, the improvement concerns: Turnover +57%

EBITDA +290%

Net Profits +150%

The Management of the Delta Techniki group moves with high goals and optimism for the implementation of strategic options in the energy sector. Based on its 40 years of experience in green development and industry, it aspires to strengthen and consolidate its consistent but at the same time flexible presence in the Greek market, building relationships of trust with its current & future customers and partners. Finally, it maintains a portfolio of RES projects with a capacity of 16.36 MW in operation, as well as 65 MW of wind farms and small hydroelectric plants to be implemented.