Renewable energy sources set a triple record on September 6 and 7, helped by the… wind that raised wind production to high levels.

According to the official data of ADMIE, yesterday Monday a historical record of daily wind production was reached, which reached 61.4 gigawatt hours, a size corresponding to approximately half of the demand (48%) of the day.

In total, renewable sources covered 59% of the daily demand (48% wind, 10% photovoltaic, 1% other RES).

In addition, as reported by the RES-MPE, according to the windeurope website that records the production of electricity from wind farms across Europe, our country was at the top of Europe both on Monday and yesterday Tuesday as the wind covered 48% and 45 % respectively of the electricity demand. These rates were by far the highest in Europe – even from countries with higher wind generation potential – as other countries experienced much weaker winds.