President's Message

History proves that the success of a business venture is not guaranteed, even if the main idea is special and unique. It depends on several factors. Neither the correct theoretical study is enough because it requires the implementation of effective everyday practices, skilled manpower, responsibility and expertise.

We, all the personnel of Delta Techniki Group since the establishment of the company in 1980, gave attention to all lifecycle factors for the success of any project undertaken. From the initial concept, the study & design (my experience starts in 1970), the selection of equipment, the implementation down to last detail and all this with constant respect for the customer’s particular requirements.

Our belief in the value of technologies related to Renewable Energy Sources for energy saving, generation and environmental protection has helped us from the beginning to draw a successful and steady upward path in the market.

We were the first company in the market which has implemented innovative, especially for Greece, applications for Heat Pumps and Biomass.

Then we studied and constructed a series of small hydroelectric plants, cogeneration power plants with biomass, photovoltaic systems and geothermal applications.

At the same time, we preserve unaltered our basic principles which have helped us so far to ensure successful investments (small or large) for our customers.

Our vision is difficult to write down in a short text. This is another reason to support our vision with actions through our active presence in the market.

Anastasios Deligiorgis
President of Delta Techniki Group of Companies