Carbon footprint

One of our key Corporate Values is respect for the environment.

This philosophy is applied to all our projects planned and carried out throughout their life cycle. Starting from ourselves, in the Company’s headquarters building in Athens where all the administrative functions are housed, the aim is to minimize environmental impact (carbon footprint).

Specifically, at the headquarters of the Group the following measures are already implemented :
  • Green power generation using a photovoltaic system of 8,64kW on the roof of the building
  • Central heating / cooling of all working spaces using a heat pump (Efficiency COP ~2,5)
  • Additional geothermal heat pump for cooling of offices in South side of the building (Efficiency COP ~4,5) which present higher cooling loads in the summer due to sun exposure
  • Lighting with LED technology lamps
  • Systematic recycling of office materials and packaging with 100% waste separation (15kg / day)
  • Collection and recycling of electrical appliances (100kg / year)
  • Collection and recycling of batteries (100kg / year)
  • Collection and recycling of electric bulbs